Seminário de Matéria Condensada - 12/05/2015, 11:00, Sala de reuniões do 1P

Modelling metallic nanowire networks: the interplay between junction and wire inner resistance

Claudia Gomes da Rocha - Trinity College Dublin

Metallic nanowire networks (NWNs) are a special class of nanomaterials that have been intriguing researchers with their fascinating learning capabilities - similar to the human brain synapses - when exposed to electrical stimuli. These materials can offer an optimum study platform for cerebral activity as well as potential for breakthrough technological applications related to machine learning, smart devices, and neuromorphic systems. Our work is to develop a robust computational toolbox set capable of resolving the physical mechanisms ruling the conducting properties of such networks and the propagation of signals throughout their entangled framework. Due to their highly disordered nature, these materials are mostly described by over simplified models capable of investigating their transport features simply in a qualitative manner. Our new modelling scheme can interpret these systems in a much more accurate way; it takes into account all the necessary ingredients to reproduce quantitatively the outcomes of real network samples. This allows us to build up a solid comprehension about the conducting properties of these materials and to suggest ways of exploiting these abilities to their maximum.

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