Seminário de Matéria Condensada - 09/02/2017, 11:00, Sala 426 (Torre Nova)

Self-Similar Behavior in Nanoscale Wire Junctions and Macro-Networks

Claudia Rocha - Trinity College (Dublim, Irlanda)

In this work, we explore the conductive behavior of metal/insulator/metal junctions formed between individual metallic nanowires coated with a dielectric layer, with those of macroscopic assemblies of the same junctions present in random nanowire networks. We find that the increase in the conductance for both single junctions and networks of these junctions scales identically with the integrated charge passed through them. Remarkably, we find that macroscopic networks may also exhibit conductance plateaus close to the single quantum conductance level. Simulations show that self-similar scaling is a property of any network where the junctions dominate transport. The conductance plateau is indicative of the formation of a single “winner-takes-all” conducting path across the entire network but occurs only for junctions with particular scaling properties. Moreover, the selected path has the lowest energy of formation and is stable over a finite energy or input current range. These results point to a capacity to select the lowest energy connectivity pathway within a complex random network, one that is robust and immune to perturbations. These observations are expected to have important implications for the operation of neuromorphic devices based on reservoir computing.

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