Seminário de Matéria Condensada - 03/05/2018, 11:00, Sala 426 (Torre Nova)

Generation of valley current in deformed graphene

Dario Bahamon (Mackgraphe, Mackenzie)

Recently, the electronic valley degree of freedom has emerged as a new possibility to encode, transmit and process information; the ideal valleytronic material posses degenerate and inequivalent valley states that can be manipulated independently. Graphene, with its valleys K and K’, extreme mechanical resilience and the peculiar coupling between lattice deformations and electrons, is an excellent candidate for valleytronics. In this talk, I will discuss two deformed graphene devices where the strain-induced pseudo magnetic field (PMF) produces valley-polarized currents. The first deformed system is a Corbino shape-optimized device such us the PMF is constant in as much area of the system as possible. The second is an ongoing project, inspired by recent experiments of graphene transferred onto nanopillars and nanospheres creating a strain superlattice.

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