Seminário de Matéria Condensada - 14/06/2018, 11:00, Sala 426 (Torre Nova)

Characterizing critical phenomena via the Purcell Effect

Marcello Silva Neto (UFRJ)

We investigate the role of phase transitions into the spontaneous emission rate of a single quantum emitter embedded in a critical medium. Using a Landau-Ginzburg approach, we find that, in the broken symmetry phase, the emission rate is reduced, or even suppressed, due to the photon mass generated by the Higgs mechanism. Remarkably, its sensitivity to the critical exponents of the phase transition allows for an optical determination of universality classes. When applied to the cases of superconductivity and superfluidity, we show that the Purcell effect also provides valuable information on spectroscopic and thermodynamic quantities, such as the size of the superconducting gap and the discontinuity in the specific heat at the transition. By unveiling that a deeper connection between the Purcell effect and phase transitions exists, we demonstrate that the former is an efficient optical probe of distinct critical phenomena and their associated observables.

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