Theoretical Condensed Matter Seminars 2015

The seminars usually take place on Thursdays at 11 a.m. at the meeting room in floor 1P.

Date Speaker Title
04/02 :!: Dario Bahamon
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
Quantum Transport in Graphene under pressure
26/02 George B. Martins
Oakland University, Rochester
A status report on BiS2-based Superconductors: where are we?
05/03 Rhonald Burgos
Random gauge field contribution to the conductivity in graphene sheets with disordered ripples
12/03 David Möckli
Effective three-band structure in Fe-based superconductors
18/03 :!: Hernán Santos
UNED, Spain
Bilocal states in conducting carbon nanostructures
26/03 Pedro Sacramento
Univ. de Lisboa
Topological superconductors: Fate of Majorana fermions after a quantum quench
16/04 Marcus Moutinho
Cálculo ab initio da intensidade Raman de primeira ordem em sistemas com poucas camadas de grafeno
29/04 14:00h :!: Klaus Ensslin
ETH-Zurique (Suiça)
Graphene Nanostructures
12/05 11:00h :!: Claudia Gomes da Rocha
Trinity College Dublin
Modelling metallic nanowire networks: the interplay between junction and wire inner resistance
21/05 Marcio Costa
Giant Quantum Spin Hall Effect in boron Doped Graphene
22/05 11:00h :!: Thomas Ihn
ETH-Zurique (Suiça)
Exploring non-equilibrium physics with quantum dots
08/06 14:00h :!: Anderson Janotti
Univ. California, Santa Barbara
Fenomenos emergentes na interface de oxidos complexos
11/06 Bruno Rizzo
Propriedades de transporte em interferômetros de estados de borda helicoidais
25/06 Jereson Silva-Valencia
Univ. Nacional de Colombia
Small coupling magnetism in a Kondo lattice model with a superlattice potential
09/07 George B. Martins
Oakland University, Rochester
Electrostatic control over polarized currents through spin-orbital Kondo effect

Suggestions and complaints: send an e-mail to Marcus Moutinho (informal seminar organizer)

:!: Dates marked with :!: are exceptionally not Thursdays.

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