Former Group members

  • Igor Evangelista, MSc 2018 (left for a PhD fellowship at University of Delaware, USA)
  • Vanessa Torres, PhD 2018 (left for a postdoctoral fellowship at Mackgraphe, São Paulo)
  • Emilia Ridolfi, PhD 2017 (left for a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Advanced 2D Materials, Singapore)
  • Rhonald Burgos Atencia, PhD 2016 (now Assistant Professor at Universidad del Sinú, Colombia)
  • Marcus Moutinho, postdoctoral fellow 2013-2016 (now Assistant Professor at UFRJ)
  • Bruno Rizzo, postdoctoral fellow 2015-2016 (now working at the private sector in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Marcone Sena Jr., postdoctoral fellow 2015-2016 (left for a postdoctoral fellowship at UFAL, now Assistant Professor at UPE)
  • Evandro Bastos, PhD 2015 (left for a postdoctoral fellowship at UFPA)
  • André Ricardo Carvalho, PhD 2015
  • Mariana Odashima, postdoctoral fellow 2013-2015 (now Assistant Professor at IF-UFU)
  • Daiara Faria, postdoctoral fellow 2014-1015 (now Assistant Professor at Instituto Politécnico - UERJ)
  • Igor Diniz, postdoctoral fellow 2013-2015 (left for a postdoc position at University of Victoria, Canada, now Assistant Professor at UFRRJ)
  • Jesus Warnes, postdoctoral fellow 2012-2014 (now Assistant Professor at DAFIS-UFTPR)
  • Vladimir Miranda, PhD 2014 (now at IBGE)
  • Daniel Lourenço Santos, PhD 2013 (now Professor at CEFET/RJ - Itaguaí)
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